Quality, Dependability and Flexibility

Paramount Labs 77 is standing out as a provider of customized, natural and organic personal care and beauty products. Thank to our dedication, passion and gained-for-years knowledge, we're be able to support all size companies on their way to success. Building a strong relationship with our customers, built on trust and communication is always a priority for us. We do our best to prepare the products that will match your goals, strategies and brand's vision. Our team is devoted to look for every opportunity to provide you with breakthrough production solutions offering you a competitive edge. At Paramount Labs 77, we meet both, demanding requirements of our clients, and external American regulations. At our professional, high-standards facility, we are able to manufacture exactly what our customers need with the reduced costs and maximum possible production speed.

Quality Systems that Aim Higher

Our Quality assurance systems consist of:

  • Incoming, in-process and final product release protocols
  • Validated production and laboratory systems checks
  • Specification, documentation control and lot traceability record management
  • Ongoing audits and closed-loop corrective action systems
  • Onsite and partner laboratory facilities scaled to fully integrate with your testing requirements.

We are aware of importance of your brand and that's why all our protocols meet or exceed regulatory requirements and current industry's standards.
It's you who define the scope of the services we provide to your company - product tasting, At Paramount Labs 77 we have the expertise to make your brand achieve its long-term goals faster than you can imagine.

Contact us to let us start working on your success.