Email us or use 'Request Quote' to start discussing your exciting Private Label or Custom Formulation Projects! MOQs Apply


  1. What does the product cost include?
    Listed product price includes: the product itself (made fresh to order), product packaging of your choice (there are some exceptions), labels, label application on the packaging, shrink wrapping and all labor. The price does not include: artwork design or unit box (can be supplied for additional charge). The Client also covers the shipping (we can apply your Amazon shipping labels or use our UPS/USPS/FedEx accounts and invoice you), palletizing and disposal costs. Separate storage fees may apply. 

  2. How soon can you provide samples??
    We make an effort to provide samples fresh to order within about 15 business days. The cost of each sample is $35 + shipping. Please note the samples will not have your artwork/label on them.

  3. What brands use your private label service??
    Due to confidentiality reasons, we do not disclose our customers' names. You will find many of our Clients' retail and spa products in national and regional stores, including Whole Foods, New Seasons, Nordstrom, CVS, Sephora and on Amazon. Retail stores, spas and boutiques all over the US, Canada, Europe and Asia sell our Customers' products. We also have many Clients who sell at festivals and open-air markets.

  4. Do you have a catalog of your formulas available immediately for my new brand??
    Yes! We have over 500 ready-to-go formulas available to become your next best seller. If you don't see the exact type of product you need, send us an email at or use our Request Quote function to inquire with our Sales staff. Our minimum order quantity is 1,000 units.

  5. I have sourced all my oils and essential oils myself already. Can you just fill my bottles for me??
    With pleasure!  In most cases this is possible if we can confirm the condition of the raw materials meets our standards.
    If approved, please just ship the ingredients/bottles/labels to us and let us know what you need. We can source your packaging for you, apply your labels, do all the heavy lifting and labor, as well as store your excess for you - we're here to make your life easier.

  6. Can I choose packaging options by myself??
    Without a doubt! We can source your chosen packaging types from the website we list on our Packaging Page (included in the product price already, with some exceptions) or you may choose your packaging from any supplier of your choosing and just ship them to us for filling. You may also ship to us packaging you source from China.

  7. Can you recreate/ reverse engineer products sold by a different company??
    Yes. We would need: the ingredients list, and a sample of the original product.  We would also ask you to fill the Formula Development Template. We can add more natural ingredients to it, if you're open to improving the original base. R&D charges vary based on the complexity of the product; most product development costs are $2,500 /product (includes 1 high quality tested sample with up to iterations). In some cases, we will apply 10% of the R&D amount to your first order. Please enquire. 

  8. I do not see a product that fit my needs. Can your do Research and Development on a product that I propose??
    Yes! Our formulators and chemists can work with you to create a custom formula designed just for your brand. R&D charges vary based on the complexity of the product; most product development costs are $1,500 /product (includes 1 high quality tested sample with iterations). If you shop around you'll discover that we have the lowest R&D fees in the entire industry because we don't profit from R&D; we understand it's expensive to launch new products and we hope to make our profits once you launch and keep placing new orders and grow your business.

  9. Will you keep my ideas confidential??
    Absolutely. Every Client's products and ideas are kept strictly confidential. Without explicit consent from our Clients, any information given to us is treated as confidential and is not shared with anyone for any reason. We also do not share Clients lists with companies or disclose any information related to your business with anyone.

  10. What are the minimums for a custom formulation??
    For any product you wish to add to your portfolio the MOQ is always 1,000 units for either a new formula or one of our 500+ ready-to-go best-sellers.

  11. Do you offer any volume discounts?
    Yes. We offer discounts at 2,500-5,000 units/order and next tier bulk discount at 5,001-20,000 units/order. Discount % is listed under each product. For MOQ above 20,000 units/order please email us at or use our Request Quote function to arrange possible further cost reduction.

  12. What is your standard lead time to complete an order??
    Each order is usually finished within 5 weeks after receiving all the needed elements from the Customer (labels, unit boxes, if any, or leaflets to add to boxes, if any). We are proud to have one of the shortest lead times in the entire private label industry. That's because we understand you need everything done yesterday and we always treat your orders/ products/ business as if it were our own. However, while we try our level best please note we can never guarantee any lead time or delivery date.

  13. What is the shelf life of the products?
    Most of the products have 2 years shelf life. Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends, Natural Fragrance Oils, Carrier Oils and Massage Oils have 3 years shelf life.

  14. Do you accept returns??
    Unfortunately due to consumable nature of beauty products, we do not accept returns (since they are not re-sellable). 

  15. Do you ship internationally??
    Yes, we ship all over the world, but we request that you do your due diligence into the country for their dossier, customs and commerce requirements. This would be your responsibility as the importer.