Refund Policy

Can I cancel my an order? 

All Goods Are Sold as a Final Sale

The items we produce are all custom items based on your unique specifications, and therefore anything that we produce for you cannot be cancelled or refunded.  

Similarly, sample kits are purchased for product testing and for hygienic reasons cannot be returned or refunded. 

If you request a cancellation on a standard order and we can process your requested cancellation in time before materials have actually been procured by us, you will receive a refund minus only any credit card fees that are not returned to us. In the case of credit cards, there is an approximately 2.5% fee that does not get returned to us regardless of the reason for cancellation. 

If materials have been procured by us for your order but manufacturing has not yet begun, we may provide a credit for the unaccomplished manufacturing portion minus a 20% rework fee.

If manufacturing has begun, however, then no refund will be provided. 

Returns or cancellations are not accepted on any item that we manufacturer for you.

Sampling Process

We provide a sampling process for you to confirm the product is to your liking, and to have us make revisions to it if needed. While your input is the basis for our manufacture, and it is our goal to provide you with a successful product, 100% consistency cannot be guaranteed. By ordering with us you provide us with full discretion on production of the product, and you indemnify us against any costs or expenses associated with the performance of the final product.

We are not responsible if the products do not sell as well as expected nor if they do not meet your customer satisfaction targets. 
We will work with you to adjust the formula for the next batch but we will not refund for any finished item regardless of outcome.  

We are also not responsible if marketplaces such as do not accept the item into their inventory for whatever reason, or if they change the rules for selling the items, or damage the items, or any other factor that effects the sales and performance and satisfaction rate of the product. 

Moreover, while we work hard to deliver the product to you as fast as possible, we can only ever provide guidance about delivery dates. We never promise a delivery time and we can never guarantee one. We do not accept refunds or cancellations for late deliveries. 

By ordering with us, you agree to these above terms.