Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil

  • The most common and frequent use for Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil is to help treat skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. It is widely used in skin care because of its moisturizing properties. However, it can also help treat stress and anxiety and can help alleviate the pain and symptoms associated with arthritis and rheumatism when it is massaged into the skin topically. Simply speaking, it can help fight the signs of aging and can also help heal wounds and strengthen the immune system.

    Essential Oils are natural, volatile, aromatic liquids obtained from fruits, flowers, bark, seeds, leaves, roots and other parts of plants. They were used for centuries for both their healing and aromatic benefits.
    Organic version is available.

    10 ml
  • Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil
  • There are plenty of ways you can benefit from usage of essential oils:
    • Cosmetics making (soaps, bath bombs, perfumes, shampoos, they will work great with each product you can imagine)
    • Natural air refreshers (they are great alternative for artificial refreshers)
    • Topically (your skin will thank you for that later, dilute them with carrier oil and enjoy the benefits of the mixture; they will also soothe muscle inflammation)
    • Aromatherapy (oil diffusers, candles, spreading oils around the room)
    • Many many others - get creative!
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